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Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

Monument Signs and Pylon Signs are very common and something that are seen everywhere. So, what is the difference between monument signs and pylon signs?

The Height between Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

In brief the height of monument sign is about as tall as a person where as a pylon sign can be higher than a building. Materials include bricks, steel or aluminum. Combine the monument or pylon with a light …

Townsville Sign Installer

Townsville Sign Installer & Removal

Northpoint Neon Signs operates in the North Queensland area as a Townsville sign installer and removal. Together with our team of sign installers operate up to Cairns and down to Mackay for any fitouts required. Specifically, Northpoint Neon Signs experience covers over three decades of change within the sign industry. On the whole, our team of signwriters know the importance of treating your customer in …

Corflute Signs & Temporary Signage


Corflute Signs in any colour, any size, any quantity. Lightweight, weather resistant and cost effective. Commonly used for real estate, site signs, promotion, temporary signage and trade shows. A perfect solution for many simple situations is available at Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville.

These corflute signs are a great way …

Custom Coffin Wrap

Custom Coffin Wrap

At a difficult time, Northpoint Neon Signs can help make a loving tribute to your loved one. For this reason, a custom coffin wrap designed to suit the image of your loved as you celebrate their life. Northpoint Neon Signs can help you design a fitting tribute with a custom design using your own pictures and imagery.  On the other hand, select one of you ready to go designs and see the …

Laser Engraved Labels & Tags

Laser Engraved Labels & Tags

If there’s one common characteristic shared between all signs, plaques,  and engraved labels & tags. It’s that they all serve to provide information of some kind. It might be a warning, a direction, an instruction, or just a fact of some sort. Whatever the case may be, labels and signs are a part of our everyday lives; so much so that we gloss over many …

Laser Engraving Townsville

Laser Engraving Townsville

Northpoint Neon Signs is the place to go for all your laser engraving Townsville needs. We have specialized in engraving and laser etching for Townsville businesses since 1989 for both business and personal needs. From small timber signs to large stainless steel plaques we can do any of your engraving and laser etching needs.

Common Laser Engraving – Brass Plaques – Stainless Steel Etched Plaque – Stainless Steel Labels – …

Townsville Engraving Specialists

Townsville Engraving Specialists

Northpoint Neon Signs are the Townsville engraving specialists to see for all your corporate and personal needs. Provide engraving and laser etching on most types of metal surfaces such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium and plastic surfaces like acrylic, laminate and Perspex. Since 1989 Northpoint Neon Signs has been one of Townsville’s leading engravers for the mining, marine, industrial, commercial and domestic markets.

Common …

Laser Cut Beverage Coasters

Laser Cut Beverage Coasters

Custom laser cut beverage coasters for each of those drinks at your next special occasion or corporate promotion. These coasters look awesome in any kitchen or bar and can be used for brunch or drinks with friends. Custom drink coasters are a very popular item and are a perfect way to protect your furnishings. Our personalized laser cut coasters are great for iced beverages, hot drinks such as coffee and …

Shop Fitouts

Do you need to update your look to stand out from your competitor? Ready to open your next retail shop fitout and need help making it is everything you want? Northpoint Neon Signs can help you develop your image to be everything you need. We will design a cost effective strategy to give your business the eye-catching appeal within a set budget.

Northpoint Neon Signs can offer you multiply way …

Retail Window Signs

Add some colour to your shop front and grab your next new customers attention

Retail Window Signs are a great way to make your image or businesses stand out to the people you most need to see it. For most people their shop front is just clear windows saying nothing but emptiness making it uninviting for people to want to know more about you. Make a statement about yourself, dress your windows …