Illuminated Signs

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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Customers can have a range of Light Boxes produced to suit any application.

Illuminated signs are able to print full colour graphics onto the faces. Alternatively, even laser cut 3D letters depending on what you require. These are a form of external or internal advertising made to suit each customer’s requirements.

Our light boxes are made from an aluminium extrusion as a result is made to last in our Queensland environment. Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville use fluorescent illumination as well as high quality LED lighting to provide long lasting brightness. With LED lit signs we can provide signage that will give great performance at a small ongoing power cost to your business.

Illuminated signs are usually lit from the inside of the sign case. Hence, this allows it to show the use of translucent vinyl letters or graphics on the face of the sign. Alternatively, Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville can illuminate the entire sign, letter or just your corporate logo. Also, logos and lettering are capable of being able to produce a halo effect. This is when light spills out the rear of the letters or logo.

The simplest form of internally illuminated sign is the light box, where fluorescent or led lighting illuminates a translucent face, or faces. A range of high efficiency LED light sources can also externally illuminate signs.


Engineering & Council Certification

We will do all of your worries regarding the hassles of paper work for council, engineering approvals etc. As a result, Northpoint Neon Signs builds to all current cyclone and building codes so that your business image and investments are safe and secure.

For more information as to how Illuminated Signage can help you please call Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville. We are able to give you some extensive advice from our design team.

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