LED vs Neon

So, you have looked at plenty of neon sign sites and have probably looked at plenty of LED sign sites by now and you are asking yourself, “What the heck is the difference between Led vs Neon?” Is one cheaper than the other is? Will one last longer? What will other people think about my decision to purchase neon or led sign? A person end up standing there scratches their head trying to figure out which one to buy. Do not worry, we have all been through it all and know what is right for you.

Business signage is an important part of your advertising budget and you want to make the right decision. So let us compare the pros and cons of led signs versus neon signs or Led vs Neon. Here is a list of the most important differences:

LED vs Neon Price

Generally, led signs are about 10% less expensive than comparable neon signs. The initial price difference between Led vs Neon is, therefore, not a significant factor in determining which sign you need for your business. Notice, however, that I said the “initial price.” When you compare the total cost of purchase, maintenance, and operation of led signs versus neon signs the difference then becomes sizable. We will get into more detail about that in a minute.

Space usage

LED vs Neon

LED Sign

This may not be a big deal for some businesses, but led signs are 1/3 to 1/5 the thickness of neon signs. Because neon is a little more bulky than led lights, neon signs tend to be a little wide and taller than its led counterparts are. That usually is not an issue for most business owners hanging signs in their windows or walls. The biggest difference is in depth. An led sign will only be 1 inch thick whereas a neon sign will most likely be 3-5 inches deep because the glass tubing must extend away from its backing.

Shipping and installation

Because led signs are thinner than neon signs, they are also lighter. This makes LED vs Neon easier to ship and install. In fact, our signs come complete with hanging hardware—it is as easy as hanging a picture.


One of the most important features of led signs is their brightness and clarity. LED technology produces a sign that is very bright yet clear and easy to read from a distance. The clear glow of a led sign is therefore more appealing to customers and leaves a clear image in their mind as they drive by your business. Thus, they are excellent and effective form of advertising. Finally, led signs are bright and easy to see even in direct sunlight.

Green factor

No, not the colour green but green in the environmentally friendly way we look at LED vs Neon. LED signs and lighting use very low power as led signs use only 12 Volt DC—that’s 6-10 times less than comparable neon signs. This low-power usage also makes led signs safe and cool to the touch. Low-power usage also means you save a lot of money on operating your led signs.


LED signs have virtually no maintenance issues there for signs don’t always have to be made to allow for maintenance access and can be made smaller conforming to the area. They are small, extremely bright lights (led stands for light-emitting diodes). LED lights do not have as many issues or problems because it is simply little lights. Signage using LED lighting is also high durable and last up to 50,000 hours, even if left on 24/7.

LED Animation

LED business signs are available in all kinds of flashing and animation options. Because they are made of many separate lights, led signs offer more animation options than their neon sign counterparts. In addition, many are available in your choice of custom colours to match your business’s unique style and personality.

Add it all up and it is easy to see why bright led signs are the wave of the future. They are a great, eye-catching, budget-friendly way to attract customers. Light up your world the LED way and contact Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville.