Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

Monument Signs and Pylon Signs are very common and something that are seen everywhere. So, what is the difference between monument signs and pylon signs?

The Height between Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

In brief the height of monument sign is about as tall as a person where as a pylon sign can be higher than a building. Materials include bricks, steel or aluminum. Combine the monument or pylon with a light box for illumination. When you add message LED message boards with a changeable messages you further enhance the value of your signage.

Pylon signs usually soar high above your business’ location. For shopping centers, they resemble giant indicator signs whereas the individual company may need just a single pole with a modest light box. These all get attention from motorists from a from a larger distance.

What Do You Need?Casey Dentists monument signs vs pylon signs

Where are you located? Is this a high traffic area and well lit each night? Do you rely on attracting attention during day time hours or after dark? To stand out from your competitors it is helpful to know and understand these questions. When you need to stand out from a crowd of one-story businesses it pays to alert motorists early on to your company’s presence. The advantage of this sign is clear: Adding height to your location’s look makes you stand out from the others.

In contrast, a monument adds sophistication to a business’ look. It sets the tone for the customer’s expectations. If space is restricted, these signs can be installed to gardens, lawns or anywhere that suits. When you surround the sign with landscaping upgrades, it beautifies the overall look of your property and enhances the appeal.

Townsville Airport monument signs vs pylon signs

When a Monument is Really a Pylon

With building and shopping centers having multiply business operating within this is when a combination of monument and pylon is needed. This gives each business a chance to show customers where they are. Or if offering multiply brands a business may wish to advertise that, for example a tyre shop show their selection of brands to the public. Property owners usually favor a tall design that gives each tenant a signage spot of similar size. Some may give a large area to a top-billers getting a good-sized signage whereas the smaller tenants might have to make do with restricted space to display their name or logo.



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