Neon Signs

Neon Signs will always give you the brightest and greatest distance for visual advertising.

Neon signs done for sunland plaza

Neon Signs

These are a traditional form of illuminated signage. Neon is formed into the shape of letters and logos to convey your message using various colours.  We can supply and install Neon to any design or application a client may need.

Northpoint Neon Signs are a multi award winning company for our expertise with a long history working with business and catering to their needs. They aim to provide high quality workmanship and lasting appeal with our products.

Neon Signs have a wide range of colours and the ability to make a tube that can last for years if not decades without replacement.

When it comes to signs for your business, nothing beats a brightly glowing sign. You see them everywhere and its warm glow, from windows and bar rooms, demands your attention. We carry a full assortment of business signs for all types of display use. Regardless of your tastes, our wide selection of Neon integrated with other sign making systems makes your corporate image stand out from your competitors.  Getting new customers to notice is the ultimate goal. You can do this with a custom neon sign that features your brand in lights! Not only can that but a custom neon sign draw more attention, increase traffic and its only one price, one time

What is neon?

It starts as glass tubing with the most common sizes 15mm, 12mm & 9mm. This cold cathode luminous tubes consist of sealed vacuum tight glass tubing fitted at both ends with glass encased metal terminals called electrodes or cathodes.

Attaching glass tubes to a vacuum pump, which removes the air from them. So that, a small amount of rare gas is drawn into the vacuum and the tube are permanently sealed. When the electrodes are connected to high voltage source. The tube glows as the gas becomes electrically excited giving off that bright Neon Light Glow.

Neon glass comes coated, tinted or both. Thus, it gives juxtaposition of gas colour with the colour of the glass. As a result, the colour of the tube coating produces some forty known combination. Further, neon requires a high voltage transformer to excite the neon to produces many billions of pair of electrons and ions per second. These because of their mutual attraction, quickly fall together again and in the process give off light. Additionally, transformers with secondary voltages from 2000 to 15,000volts sustain this continual state of motion and illumination.

For more details and ideas as to how a these signs can help your business feel free to contact us. Let Northpoint Neon Signs talk through some ideas and options with our helpful staff

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