LED Displays

Make sure your next School Event, Club Sports Day or Potential Client gets noticed with your own active display supplied and installed by Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville. These can be mounted to any solid structure and are weather proof for North Queensland conditions. Update your messages as often as you need. Make your message become noticeable with either single colour LED displays or full colour a dynamic message.

Did you know? According to the Small Business Association:

  • The Average Business gets up to 50% of its sales from signage
  • 85% of an Average Business’ sales come from within 5km of the location
  • Businesses located on highways can acquire up to 95% of its sales from Signage
  • LED Displays typically increase sales from 15% up to 150%


See how Your Dynamic LED displays can work by watching here

Schools, Universities and All Learning Institutes

Enhance campus safety, encourage school spirit and communicate effectively with students and the community through dynamic outdoor LED displays.

Every school and university needs good communication to operate effectively.

Old-fashioned signs with changeable plastic letters are no longer practical. Hence, students often do not read them with limited ability to display a complete message. Luckily, LED display signs are the solution. Both indoor and outdoor LED display signs are more attractive, easier to read, 10+ year life cycle and are much brighter than LCD or plasma displays. Furthermore, to create awareness and attract attention to a business an LED display using brightness with animation will work. In fact, they are very visible from long distances. These signs are visible through low levels of smoke, which is especially helpful during emergencies.

LED Display messaging solutions provide you with the unique opportunity to reach everyone. Whether it’s a simple reminder or an important event, LED displays will provide you with a broadcast medium that improves information flow to the people you most need to know.

LED Display signs feature eye-catching graphics and text that will surely attract everyone’s attention.

LED displays SignOutdoor View ability Tool

Use this view ability calculator to help pick the perfect model sign for your establishments’ location. Hence, this calculator will help you identify how much information you can put on the LED display to guarantee maximum view ability.

Northpoint Neon Signs is proud to collaborate with US company Adaptive Displays  to provide high quality American designed and built LED displays to suit the North Queensland market.

Talk to Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville about how LED Display can help you.