Stencils – Plastic & Aluminium

Spraying of Stencils in carpark

Spraying of Stencils

Plastic Stencils

Plastic or Polyethylene are durable and the most common stencils we manufacture. To explain, the hardwearing plastics durability and UV stability is why we recommend them to our customers to last in harsh environments. Consequently, with Northpoint Neon Signs plastic stencil, you have the quickest and most productive way to spray large amounts. Hence just lay our products down to spray away and then to remove excess paint just shake.

Northpoint Neon Signs have been making stencils for over 20 years for many different applications. Each stencil is custom designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of your job. For example, road sign markings stencils to small company marking stencils for your equipment or products. Sizes you need and allowances can be designed for easy of transport to and on your job site for each item. Design your lettering, logo or symbols to the size and shapes that you need with our helpful design team.

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Airport and Main Road Marking

Northpoint Neon Signs have been working with local and regional airports for many years to provide them with Plastic Stencils to suit their needs. From this, we have been able to refine our service to meet their needs for any application. We can offer products to suit the MOS Font requirements for on the airside aprons of an airport. For anyone doing aviation line marking it is necessary to have a full set of MOS Stencils. Improve your time airside with a plastic stencil system that works and meets all your requirements.

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Aluminium Stencils

Aluminium Stencils are still very common and liked by many people in the industry. Hence, aluminium can be a superior in some applications where a plastic stencil does not suit. In addition, for stencilling of round objects, like tanks and drums, an aluminium stencil can conform to the object and give good repeatable results. For easy cleaning you just use a little paint stripper on your stencil and the Aluminium Stencil is back ready to use again.

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