Pylon Signs Townsville

Pylon Signs in Townsville

Pylon signs in Townsville are the ultimate in advertising for your business. Big, bold and eye-catching Pylon Signs make a statement and prove that bigger IS better!

Our team will design, build to engineering specifications, install Pylon and pole signs to local council structural requirements. For this reason, all engineering standards will meet council cyclone requirements. Hence, this ensures Pylon Signs in Townsville are able to be insurable to regional needs.

Garbutt Central illuminated sign. Pylon Signs TownsvilleYour Pylon signs can have any customization options such as 3D Fabricated letters, LED full colour digital displays, conventional light boxes and CNC cut detail.

Pylon signs are typically seen outside commercial and industrial properties. They usually soar high above your business’ location. As a result, for a shopping center, they can resemble giant indicator signs for their location. But, an individual company may need a simple single pole with a modest light box. These all get attention from motorists from a from a larger distance. Hence, bigger is almost always better. They often stand up to 10 meters high allowing for largest visual range.


Pylon signs are the best way to display your image or logo in a large prominent and eye catching way.
A picture says a thousand words and Pylon Signs with their height and size, make your images stand out and be found.
Pylon signs are permanent modes of advertisement that last in Townsville’s harsh environment.
A pylon sign is effective in advertising special promotions and offers when using an LED Display.
Your pylon signs can be customized to be viewed day or night with LED lighting, Neon or ground lit flood lights.

Why not add an illuminated LED Display to your Pylon Signs?


Did you know? According to the Small Business Association:
  • The Average Business gets up to 50% of its sales from signage
  • 85% of an Average Business’ sales come from within 5km of the location
  • Businesses located on highways can acquire up to 95% of its sales from Signage
  • LED Displays typically increase sales from 15% up to 150%



Talk to us at Northpoint Neon Signs about a Pylon Signs in Townsville with the right fit for your company.