Shop Fitouts

Do you need to update your look to stand out from your competitor? Ready to open your next retail shop fitout and need help making it is everything you want? Northpoint Neon Signs can help you develop your image to be everything you need. We will design a cost effective strategy to give your business the eye-catching appeal within a set budget.

Northpoint Neon Signs can offer you multiply way to create your image from Neon, Illuminated Light Boxes, LED Signage, Digital Printing and 3D Fabricated Lettering. We specialise creating your image using new innovative techniques to suit your needs and your corporate image. Work one on one with the designers and fabricators that will create what you need at your new shop fitout.

Common Shop Fitout Signage

When you start with your new shop fitout or setting out signage for your office, it all starts as an empty room. With this in mind, Northpoint Neon Signs can help you plan the design of the advertising and signs to fit those needs. In particular, common elements of any shop fitout are an Entrance Sign, Reception Sign, Directional Signage and other wall or window graphics.  Thus, when done right all of these element can tie in together to make a business stand out and be remembered.

Fascia & Entrance Signs

jbd jewellery Shop Fitout

jbd jewellery Shop Fitout

This is the sign that can be the most important to your business when it comes to shop fitout. Again, this one sign will be your face to let people find you. In fact, this will be how your next new client identifies to you. So, standing out from your competitor but still maintaining the image and level of class you deserve. Specifically, this is what Northpoint Neon Signs will help you achieve.

Reception Signage

A good reception sign in a shop fitout is something that does not need to make a major statement or be over powering in a small office. At any rate, this is a sign that can go on a counter or behind reception. Thus, Signage helps people see where go as they enter your business. A reception sign can be done in many ways from individual acrylic letters to glass plaques off set on walls and Northpoint Neon Signs specialize in all of these for you.

Retail Window Signs

Retail Window Signs

Glass Frosting

Glass walls and windows in a shop fitout are common and give a building a feeling of open. However, it also can lack privacy for your work area and clients’ needs. Thus, with some simple frosting on glass Northpoint Neon Signs can create many different effects for you. For example, frosting can fully blank out windows or patterns through the frosting adding extra touch of design elements.

Directional Signs

Simple directional signs and toilets signage can be the most forgotten part of a shop fitout. Not only do your clients need to find their way inside your business with ease but your staff as well. Northpoint Neon Signs can help you design a system that works for the life of your business and can expand with your needs.

Decorative Wall & Window Graphics

Kalyda Display office Wall Graphics

Kalyda Display office Wall Graphics

This is something many businesses have added inside waiting rooms or back walls of a meeting room. Interestingly, anywhere your company has a client waiting and looking into a blank wall can be a miss opportunity to get your message across to them. Hence, every moment helps your business standout from your competitor and gives you the opportunity to create a new client. With this in mind, we can help you create personalized graphics and images to go along with your shop fitout.

Talk to us at Northpoint Neon Signs Townsville and let us guide you through the needs for your shop fitout designs. Let us help you stand out in the way you need for your corporate image to blossom.